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Cũ 04-12-2008, 01:07 PM
powerss2745 powerss2745 vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn
Ngày tham gia: Dec 2008
Bài gửi: 95
Lightbulb So take care of it

So take care of it. We supply two camps wow power leveling us and eu server for wow players. Neglected which camps you in ,you also can buy wow gold wow account here, We understand what our buyers need so we offer an instant way of delivery 24 hours a day. If you have a hurry using of cheap wow gold, you may come to We can delivery your wow gold on the order in a short while.
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Cũ Hôm qua, 08:27 AM
lyjg1218 lyjg1218 vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn
Junior Member
Ngày tham gia: Dec 2008
Bài gửi: 4
Mặc định Shamans100

Shamans grounding a lot of damage on Brutallus was only on the PTR; wow goldunfortunately it didn't go live. But overall Shamans excel in Sunwell because of the amount of raid damage that Blizzard is programming into the fights. world of warcraft goldIt's really insane. world of warcraft goldIn some fights you have 2 tank healers and every other healer will be healing the raid. wow goldThat's just so different from how it was back in the days where you had 14-15 healers on a single tank with the raid taking almost no damage.

Priests also shine in Sunwell -- Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending are insane (nerf!), cheap wow goldbut they don't bring buffs or Bloodlust/Heroism. And with the very tight tuning in Sunwell, totem buffs are very valuable. cheap wow goldThe same (but a bit less) is true for Druids; excellent Sunwell healers but no buffs. wow goldPaladins are the healers who really get left behind. buy wow gold They were the kings of healing in early Burning Crusade,
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Cũ Hôm qua, 10:59 AM
seoceo2008 seoceo2008 vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn
Senior Member
Ngày tham gia: Oct 2008
Bài gửi: 414
Cool Warhammer online’s experience

Warhammer is no doubt very old game, but all I like. However, I was under a version of the Warhammer 40,000 Chinese version of the winter offensive, only 5 races, but now are 12 different races do not want to ask me to re-download the update can do Warhammer? Such as patches and the like Warhammer power leveling.
Ah! I am very glad!, Like me, someone like Warhammer 40K. Good winter offensive, you can experience the Imperial Army guard, but the soul is as if the storm does not have the resources to try to eDonkey (emule) go to see, I find, but nothing to boast about the speed. You know War power leveling is not only level you account, but also increase you entertaining that brings to you. PS: (the latest is the soul of the original crisis is not a simple task, but to conquer the entire galaxy, there are 12 ethnic fortress [Stronghold], which can choose to attack Province, the last bastion kill the enemy, the enemy will be out of the galaxy!)
Support Warhammer online power leveling, experience my lovely game.
I will not let the game of life changed, because what Because we are living in a different point of view! When you have WoW Power Leveling, you will feel more happy!
You can brush WoW Gold, when you upgrading! I have one night alone in the window to think, think of every time was the well-being, I would think that this is life must have been! Sometimes nothing about their ability to very distressed, but now the pressure is so big, even if no pressure is also the driving force!
If you have World of Warcraft Power Leveling, you can get your equip easily.
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Cũ hôm nay, 03:04 AM
jokesman jokesman vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn
Junior Member
Ngày tham gia: Dec 2008
Bài gửi: 18
Lightbulb Christian Calendar

Christians have created a holiday that has become a beast that cannot be fed. Every year, Christmas gets longer and longer and longer. And you don't care, do you? You just take more and more of the calendar for yourself. It's unbelievable! How long does it take you people to shop? It's beyond belief. It's insane. When I was a kid, Halloween was Halloween, and Santa wasn't poking his ass into it!
.................................................. .................................................. .........................................
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wow gold guide
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