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Cũ Hôm qua, 03:31 AM
chongzivalve0809 chongzivalve0809 vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn
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Ngày tham gia: Sep 2008
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Question Pressure Seal api 600 Valve

Pressure seal gate valve is designed for high temperature, high pressure, services mainly encountered in nuclear and fossil fuel power plant. Compare with bolted bonnet valves,pressure seal <a href="">gate valve</a> is less complicated and can provide absolute excellent seal service with minimum maintenance.
gate valve
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Cũ Hôm qua, 08:16 PM
tuvw960 tuvw960 vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn
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Ngày tham gia: Oct 2008
Bài gửi: 638
Red face vaporizer

To protect against electric shock do not operate the vaporizer near water or other liquids.Never immerse the vaporizer,cord or plug in water or liquids.2. Never dismantle the vaporizer,it may cause electric shock.3. Do not use or leave near children.4. ALWAYS unplug the vaporizer from any power souce when not in use and before cleaning.Allow time to cool before taking off mouthpieces and before cleaning.5. Do not operate the vaporizer unit with a damaged cord or plug,or after the appliance malfunctions or has been dropped or damaged in any manner.Contact the manufacturer for information on repairs.6. Risk of burn from the large mouthpiece where it comes into cotact with the unit.7. Unplug the vaporizer by pulling on the plug and not the cord.8. The use of accessory attachments not supplied by our company may cause injuries.9. Do not use in or around humid,damp environments such as sinks,hot tubs,bathtubs or saunas.10. Ensure that the location of the power cords do not create a potential hazard.11. Only use the vaporizer for its intended use.12. This vaporizer is designed for either 110V North American power,or 220V power outlets.See the details in the package.13. Please use the vaporizer with care,the temperature is from 250F to 400F(125C-200C).It should be kept away from childern
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Cũ hôm nay, 10:24 AM
yooceat yooceat vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn
Ngày tham gia: Dec 2008
Bài gửi: 40
Wink China will

China will remain among the world's most attractive investment destinations. But we do expect some adjustments will be made by investors, such as a focus on growth capital as opposed to take-overs, a longer period of three to five years before exits can be effected, and more attention to robust value propositions to meet the needs of sellers," said Charles Yen, managing partner of Deloitte China Clients & Markets(
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