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Angry Since the beginning of winter in 2008

Since the beginning of winter in 2008, a total of 15 provinces, cities have experienced varying degrees of large-scale drought. led leisteOn the 7th Ministry of Water Resources officials said it would cut through the upper reaches of Yellow River water,lotro gold and even north from the Yangtze River water, to ensure that affected the demand for farmland irrigation water.
cree led
To February 6, subjected to drought in the number of farmland, has been updated to 1.61 million mu. If the winter last year, buy wow goldthe northeast, northwest, north and three to 1.4 million mu of dry fief were taken into account, the country has suffered drought for more than 3 million mu of arable land. At the same time, cheap lord of the rings online goldthe drinking water problem occurred in the population and the number of livestock has also been expanded to 4,370,000, respectively, and 2,100,000.
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